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About Us

About Us

Karma Conceptz is inspired work of Lakshmi Sreenivasan. Lakshmi is one of the best online tarot card reader in Navi Mumbai & clinical hypnotherapist  and is currently pursuing a corporate career in L & D consulting . Karma Conceptz is her ultimate goal of life and that is why it is already her chosen parallel path. Lakshmi is practicing past life regression and alternative therapies for last 8 years.


Lakshmi believes her curiosity to know the unknown and to explore the reason of her existence, a purpose – is all what lead to this pull towards holistic learning & practice. An intriguing childhood brought here interests into karmic concepts and she continued the passion through reading and exploring with her studies & career parallely.

The Calling and Idea

With time, she chose & excelled in her career as Client Relationship Management, Account management and later on as Learning & Development professional. And then, passion pulled back the strings and she decided to quit a well paying job and something else was the ‘calling’. She still pursues her career as a consultant, as she believes that is a part of her professional karma. Read more here about the Lakshmi’s calling to Karma Conceptz.

The idea of Karma Conceptz stands of three pillars of Trust: Trusting the Process of life. Compassion: Compassion for every being and Love: The very core of our existence.

What we offer? 

Karma Conceptz offers a plethora of alternate healing therapies as our primary services. We have regular workshops for lifestyle and lifeskill betterment which include workshops like –

At Karma Conceptz, you can speak to your healer or therapist over the phone or can also avail alternate healing services through skype sessions.