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Benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy

Posted by on Apr 24, 2018 in Blog | 0 comments

Benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy

Benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy

“Healing is an art. It takes time. It takes practice. It takes love. And sometimes therapy.”

Most of us are fully aware of the idea of reincarnation – after death when an individual may be
reborn into another body. But what most may not be aware of is that traumas and issues from our
past lives can be reactivated by events in our current lifetime without our conscious awareness. We
might react to people and situations in ways that seem counter-productive. But the problem maybe
actually be rooted in dynamics set up in prior lifetimes. We aren’t saying it will be harmful in every
instance but sometimes it may come in way of your happiness and peace of mind. It may cause
emotional trauma and stress giving rise to anxiety and depression. That’s when the Past Life Regression
Therapy helps in clearing the current symptom from its root. The therapy heals you at all
levels – physical, emotional and spiritual. And even if you aren’t suffering from symptoms or fears,
the therapy can help you enhance your current way of living by allowing yourself to reclaim or
rediscover gifts, abilities and talents from your past lives. It can be profound, enlightening, and
transformative. Let’s see some of the benefits of Past Life Regression and how it helps.

Heals trauma-One of the most common aspects of healing in Past Life Regression is that it works in giving you relief from current mental and emotional symptoms. When trauma is encountered,
rescuing the past-life self (PLS) and bringing the person forward to the present, or helping him view
the life as a whole from the perspective of the Higher Self is what the therapy works for. Doing this
helps dissolve symptoms such as stress, anxiety, fear and phobias and can completely stop them
from reoccurring.

Heals physical painPast Life Regression therapy works in developing conscious control over your
body. No there’s no medication involved. It is achieved through the state of deep relaxation. And
relaxation is one of the best natural remedies for stress, pain and anxiety cure. Through relaxation,
you are more likely to be able to control your breathing, muscle tension, respiratory rate and blood
pressure preventing stress, anxiety and even panic attacks. It also helps in bringing down stress
hormones to normal levels and improves immunity.

Redirects to special talents and abilities – Past Life Regression therapy also allows an individual to
understand some inherent yet inexplicable talents he or she has in this life which originate in other
lives. It can also help an individual unearth a gift – ay sort of talent, attribute or ability the person
had in the past which has, as yet, laid dormant in the current life. It can also remove any blocks one
seems to have around utilizing these special abilities.

Strengthens relationships and creates healthier patterns – It’s believed that relationships may
change from life to life, but the souls are the same. So, by experiencing past life connections with
people in your current life can give you a greater understanding of your relationships and can help
you create healthier relationship patterns instead of repeating old ones. The sense of certainty and
contentment experienced following regression therapy also allows you to evoke love for your special
ones as well as for yourself.

Releases mental blocks – The release of old energetic blocks during this process generates a flow of
wonderful mental and emotional clarity. Emotional as well as physical blocks are removed and
replaced by a sense of calmness, helping in restore inner peace that enriches your health and
wellbeing. It also opens doors to life-lessons needed to achieve the wisdom and happiness you
desire in this lifetime, while also changing the course of future life.

Keeps you grounded – It is one of the most profound and significant reasons for engaging in the
process. When individuals complete several Past Life Regressions state they feel more grounded in
who they are; they understand why they have certain characteristics, passions, desires, values,
talents, concerns, etc. and they embrace all of it and work on themselves to make themselves a
better individual in this life. They collate all these information to live a happier and more balanced
life in the present.

These were some of the key benefits of Past life regression. Overall it can bring you peace, remove
misery if any and help you find a soulful purpose to life. If you are willing to welcome the benefits of
Past Life Regression Therapy in your present life, find out how the process works here.

If you seek help in past life regression or to understand the dynamics of body, mind & soul, write to us on

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