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Chakra Balancing through the 12 Chakra-System

Posted by on Feb 11, 2018 in Blog | 0 comments

Chakra Balancing through the 12 Chakra-System

Chakra Balancing through the 12 Chakra-System

There is deep wisdom within our very flesh, if we can only come to our senses and feel it.”

Elizabeth A. Behnke


Chakra was primarily introduced under Vedic Literature symbolizing a king who factually “turns the wheels of his reign” towards all directions from a sole center-point to betoken authority, holds & dynamism.

In time – amidst the Indian spirituality concepts – developed a theory termed as “chakra”, theoretically referring to the wheel in possession of psychic-energy within the body, located at the center. It is significantly popular amongst the traditions of Hinduism, Jainism & Buddhism.

Chakra is also cogently encompassed under psychic and physiology that has been transpiring across our culture through the years. It states that the human body is existential in two dimensions: emotional & physical. The physical body symbolizes mass while the subtle, emotional self symbolizes unexplainable energy.

Contemporary healers and energy workers from across the globe have come together to conclude that modern perspectives are capable of drawing for about 12 chakras that hold a prominent part through the insides and outsides of the body.

  • Factually, the first five chakras are situated on the exterior of the human body while seven primary ones are located through the spine up-to the crown.
  • Another theory states that all the twelve chakras are located inside of the body – stationed as five additional energies amidst the known 7 chakras.

Each individual is in the dominion of the 12-chakra-system that helps you connect your soul to the divine source with full heartiness. Following are the 12-charkas redefined in parallelism to the developing times, that will help you understand better –

  • Chakra 0 : Earth-Star Chakra

Theories state that we possess a unique connection with Planet Earth and its environment. This chakra is the individual link that connects us to the base life force of the Earth and the divine light within.

  • Chakra 1 : Root Chakra

This chakra is situated in the pelvic area and is also known as the grounding chakra. It enhances qualities like the energy in our body, followed by center-ness, sense of security and so on. In other words, it permits us to forebear security and balance in our lives, simultaneously maintaining consistency.

  • Chakra 2 : Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra highlights the sense of ingenuity and sexuality in us. It helps enhance self in the forms of pleasure, joy, true happiness and passion. It also encompasses acceptance and the true intention of letting go.

  • Chakra 3 : Solar Plexus Chakra

It symbolizes the center of our individualistic power that stores energy. This energy is broadly divided into the positive and negative, comprising of energies like that of healing and stress respectively. It also has a hold onto our perspective towards the past and stringent goals for the future.

  • Chakra 4 : Heart Chakra

This chakra is situated exactly in the center – forming a merger for the spiritual and physical sense of being for an individual – prominently managing our emotions and relationships. It allows of us to be empathetic towards self and others; increasing compassion.

  • Chakra 5 : Throat Chakra

The throat chakra embarks your communicative ability and values truth, responsibility, creativity & so on. Any interaction with the involvement of voice is commenced by this chakra. It also balances of how we speak to the Divine.

This chakra is positioned at the center of our forehead and symbolizes our psychic abilities. It also plays a significant role in sensing, hearing and feeling, connecting to the energy beyond physical form. It balances the decisions we make and melds us with our subconscious mind. Telepathy, intuition, aura-sensing etc. are some activities that are administered by this chakra.

  • Chakra 7 : Crown Chakra

The crown chakra – as the name suggests – symbolizes superiority and manages the realm of our dreams, hopes and visions. It enhances the sense of enlightenment and awakens our inner self.

This chakra activates the Divine light in order to allow the flow of energy and consciousness. It empowers the energy of the soul and enlightens your soul.

  • Chakra 9 : Spirit Chakra

As the name suggests, the spirit chakra permits us to communicate with angels, guides etc. and connects us to the Source.

  • Chakra 10 : Universal Chakra

This chakra acts as an access point between us and the infinite flow of creation that there is. It allows our physical and spiritual body to be fully developed and constructed in accordance to our environment.

  • Chakra 11 : Galactic Chakra

The galactic chakra enhances spiritual skills to a level that allows activities like transportation, teleportation and bi-location, etc. to take place. It helps us maintain a rigid balance between the planet, humanity and the galaxy & its elements.

  • Chakra 12 : Divine Gateway Chakra

As the name suggests, this chakra focuses on keeping the Divine intact, permitting a complete connection to the Divine Source, opening doors to the other world. With practice and meditation, it enhances spiritual skills and helps us attain celestial peace. It also allows all the blessings to be accepted and received.


Our body, energy of the galaxies and the aura emitted – all encompass amidst the above 12 chakra-system all through our body, causing improvements and enabling sheer progress. Meditation helps channel this energy as through your body, connecting your soul to the earth and the Divine – resolving your problems and formulating a prominent perspective in your mind.


Henceforth, one should not hesitate in seeking professional guidance for chakra healing & balancing as it is vastly beneficial.

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