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Does Past Life Regression Therapy work?

Posted by on Nov 18, 2017 in Blog | 0 comments

Does Past Life Regression Therapy work?

Does Past Life Regression Therapy work?

“If you want to know the past, look at your present.
If you want to know the future, look at your present.”

– Gautama Buddha

As the concept suggests, past life regression therapy (PLRT)  refers to a hypnosis session that helps an individual encounter his/her past life experiences or incarnations & perform recoveries by seeking the root causes. The sole reason for undertaking this process is to attain a new spiritual experience in an enhanced, psychotherapeutic setting.

Here, the individual – formerly referred to as the subject – is asked a series of questions after being put into a hypnotized state with the mere intention of divulging personal identity & significant events of his / her past life. These memories from the past life are triggered and recollected in due parallelism to the concurred experiences, imagination, gained knowledge & sheer guidance from the hypnotist. Post creation, the memories recollected & analyzed are absolutely identical to memories from the subject’s past life.

If asked about whether this therapy works or not, it obviously does! This therapy is a realistic theory where the individuals themselves speak of their encounters, making it all the more authentic. It is used as a prominent therapeutic tool worldwide and widens our perspective towards life. It helps us analyze our circumstances in an adorn manner, revealing truths we didn’t know existed.

It helps discover issues we might not usually notice and help relate them to something we have lived before. This also enables us to modify and rectify our mistakes by reprocessing impressions in order to efficiently make the most of our present.

How does it work?

An individual is put to a hypnotic state in order to boost their memory, create ease & open doors to their unconscious mind. This state is somewhat similar to the state of dreaming, but with consciousness about your environment. Then the hypnotist brings up various minute questions about past life & particular circumstances that have been leaving an impact on you. It is somewhat comparable to watching a movie but with an uncertain & a vague expression as it begins. However, by the end, it makes complete sense as each bit & piece connects and the memories merge with the reality!

Benefits of PLRT:

  • Deduces traumatic effects, emotional stress and physical issues.
  • Helps you reconnect with your spiritual self.
  • Provides healing to troubled relationships.
  • Reveals the true identities of past souls that are a part of your life in the present.
  • Widens your perspective towards situations & life!
  • Unifies your past into enhancing your present life.
  • Helps you analyze and understand changed behaviors, tendencies, patterns & so on.
  • Reduces anxiety, depression & anger to commendable extents.

Did you know that everything you’ve felt, seen & experienced in life is stored in your subconscious mind? These thoughts & memories are bought to use & significance during the process. In other words, what you feel you discovered in the state of hypnosis, you have already known within, except actually being aware about it!

Henceforth, as it may require stardust of belief at your end – past life regression therapy is astoundingly beneficial and is bound to imprint you with a new ideology in your present. You can explore more about the Past Life Regression profiling and Past Life Regression sessions and workshops with Karma Conceptz. To learn more about any of the offerings please feel free to write to us,

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