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What Not to Ask the Tarot?

Posted by on May 11, 2018 in Blog | 0 comments

What Not to Ask the Tarot?

What Not to Ask the Tarot?

A Tarot is a powerful tool!

A good tarot card reading can give you the answer to anything that is
on your mind. It can guide you and provide insight into your troubles and concerns regarding love
life, career, family issues, etc. Tarot helps in showing you the details you may be missing. It also
shows you how the most probable outcome is based on your current path. And not just solving
concerns, tarot can also be used as a life-enhancing tool that can help you discover hidden talents,
encourage you to be a better person, show you your true life path and much more. However, the
tarot can show you how to change your path to get the results you want only when you ask the right
questions. When you know what not to ask and how to ask the right types of questions, you’ll begin
to see the true spirit of the Tarot coming through. We will help you do just that!

Do Not Ask ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ Questions

Even before you attend a tarot card reading session, it’s important for you to know that tarot card
readers don’t usually mind readers. Although tarot card readers interpret what the cards reveal
about your life they don’t usually mind readers. So, it is best to avoid asking ‘Yes’ or ‘No’
questions as it’s quite impossible to answer that way!

To get the most out of a tarot reading, avoid asking questions like “Will I get that job?”, “Will I crack
that exam?” Instead, detail out the question that gives you more information and clarity like “How
will my career develop if I take that job?” or “How will the specialization help me in future?”

Do Not Ask ‘When will I die’ or ‘How Long Will I live’ Questions

Inquiries that relate to either death or health tend to have very black-and-white answers. Moreover
Tarot reading intends to guide you in the certain direction and there is really no guiding Life-Death kind
of questions. Also inquiring about whether a loved one will regain health, for example, won’t
generally offer much insight since you can do very little to affect the outcome of another’s health

If your concern level is high, prefer asking questions about how you can offer support in order to
increase the chances of regaining the person’s health. It’s all about finding a way to take ownership
over the situation.

Do Not Ask ‘What’s the first letter of my future husband’s name?’ kind of Questions

What is the name of my soul mate? Or what’s the first letter of my future husband’s name? These
questions are fun to ask but not in a Tarot reading. Tarot can’t accurately predict the name of
someone for sure! Keep in mind that the tarot can’t guarantee an outcome for you. A tarot reader
cannot accurately answer specific questions about certain events in your love life. But it can
definitely tell you a lot about how to pursue the romantic relationships you want.

Think about asking for advice on building your connection or making your relationship more
meaningful. It can also help you understand what kind of person you’d be best suited for. So, instead
of asking what the name of my Soul Mate is, you might ask the Tarot: What qualities would I be a
best fit with?

Do Not Ask Vague Questions

When you attend a tarot reading, it’s a good idea to arrive with a few questions in mind. While they
shouldn’t be extremely detailed, your inquiries shouldn’t be overly vague, either. If your question is
vague and general, so too will be the answer. If your question is detailed and specific, then so too
will be the answer.

So know how to balance – Focus on the area that’s most important to you and build a question
around it. Talk with your tarot card reader about areas where you’d like to focus, and look for
guidance on related topics.

Successful tarot readings will help you think through obstacles in your life or develop ideas for
working through ongoing problems. It’s all about getting you on the right path. You may not receive
detailed answers but you need to think through the information you receive. So, whether you
frequently consult the tarot or you’re preparing for your first reading, knowing what to expect is
important. Keep these forbidden questions in mind, and know how to get the guidance you need. If
you want to know more, join us in our workshops and we will be happy to help!

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