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What is Access Consciousness?

Posted by on Dec 17, 2018 in Blog | 0 comments

What is Access Consciousness?

What is Access Consciousness?

What is Access Consciousness?

Access Consciousness is all about having a different point of view of life. It gives you the power to change the things that you were unable to change till now. Besides you can even desire things in a very different and a much easier way. The basic aim of access consciousness is to create a world of oneness where everything pre-exists and nobody judges anybody. With Access Consciousness your conscious is awakened to make you realise that you know and also provides you with tools and ways to function as a person you truly are.

What is Access?

Access is a different outlook on life. The idea behind this is that you’re not wrong, you know and also that consciousness can shift anything. This gives an access to immense possibilities that exist where you are no longer stubborn about anything and you know that you are no longer stuck.

What is Consciousness?

Consciousness includes every single thing and judges nothing. With consciousness, you are taken to a point where you have an access to complete awareness and where there is nobody judging anybody. You have a clear vision and get to look at things exactly how it is and not as how you want it to be and also not as how it ought to be. Simply as it is. Thus it gives you the ability to be present in your life every single moment without being judged. Now as there is no judgement you look at everything as it is. You receive everything and reject nothing.

The 10 Keys to Freedom

Gary Douglas the founder of Access Consciousness created the ’10 keys of Consciousness’. These he also calls as the 10 commandments as they are the basis of Access Consciousness and a key to the kingdom of complete freedom.

The following is the list of 10 Keys of Freedom

  • Will an infinite being really opt for this?
  • Everything is just a point of view.
  • The 10-seconds incremental living.
  • Live as a Question and not as an answer.
  • No form, no significance, no structure.
  • No judgement, no discernment, no discrimination.
  • No Drugs of any nature.
  • No Competition.
  • Do not listen just to tell or buy any story.
  • No exclusion.

These 10 keys have aided people in getting over depression, financial crunch, relationship issues, health issues or any other situation that seemed like insurmountable. Are you ready to go for Access Consciousness? Contact our holistic healer to explore what is holding you back and put the control back into your life.

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