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Alternate and Holistic Healing – The Benefits

Posted by on Jun 23, 2017 in Blog | 0 comments

Alternate and Holistic Healing – The Benefits

Alternate and Holistic Healing – The Benefits

Savita, aged 29, discovered she has ovarian cancer. She adopted holistic treatment. She experienced very less pain, immense improvement in health and growth of cysts. It eliminated the cancer like a miracle.

Taking a holistic and an alternative approach towards healing truly means taking into consideration – all the factors and dominions of livelihood and existence – not just the physical factors of being, i.e. the body. It helps identify the initial and root causes of disturbances, imbalances and an unhealthy body. It also helps regain the lost positive outlook towards life. As an individual, it is vital for us to seek spiritual and emotional connections to balance and stabilize our physical and mental being.

It is said that alternate forms of medicine propounds an integrated and formulated approach towards healing, like reflexology, nutritional supplements, interventions such as herbal remedies, etc. These are also considered as non-standard treatments but are highly efficient.

There are 5 main benefits of Alternate and Holistic Healing. These are:

Cost Effective

Alternate and holistic healing is always considered as the primary choice for this reason. It eases efficiency in healthcare for a layman who cannot afford expensive medical treatments. Adopting approaches like therapy can be very feasible than prescribed medical treatments and prescriptions. Therapies like chiropractic sessions or acupuncture cost less than medicinal treatments.

Side Effects

Unlike medicines and operations, alternate healing and holistic healing do not leave side effects post treatment. Efficient therapies have no side effects as opposed to recurrent side effects of prescribed medicines, etc. Usually, all natural remedies that comprise under alternate and holistic healing approach are scientifically tested. However, you should always seek professional guidance before starting a therapy or anything of the sort.

Excessive Pain

Therapies adopt natural treatment which provides pain relief. It also benefits patients who do not have the finance to meet prescribed treatments’ requirements’.

Mental Peace & Health

This approach specifically focuses on relieving our physical and mental health. It aims at stabilizing our mind, body and spirit. Treatment methods such as meditation, massage therapies, etc. succor a person to reduce stress and relax. It is important because everything in our body is interrelated. If we are disturbed mentally, it tends to affect our health severely, also, vice versa,



The alternate and holistic healing approach holds an essence of nature which is why it is harmless. It builds positivity and calms the disturbances of an individual’s body. It heals faster and causes less dependency and allergies. However, one must always ensure that the therapies adopted are patient-friendly individually (with reference to allergies, etc) for better and efficient results.

Energies shift and regulate elements like your levels of joy, the stability and consistency in your life, your emotional health and your physical being. Similarly, when turbulences are caused within these energies, your life can be severely affected. This results to depression, anxiety, pessimism, phobias, etc.

When combined with traditional methods even, holistic and alternate treatments can cure and eliminate illness quickly and efficiently.

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