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How Certified Tarot Reading is different from Free Tarot Reading?

Posted by on Oct 22, 2018 in Blog | 0 comments

How Certified Tarot Reading is different from Free Tarot Reading?

How Certified Tarot Reading is different from Free Tarot Reading?

How do I get certified for something that comes completely natural to me? Can Tarot Reading be ‘standardised’? How can you certify ‘creativity’? Tarot certification is a topic that pushes a lot of buttons in the tarot community. Especially the ones practicing at home or helping their friends, the community with free tarot reading believe that something as creative and fluid as Tarot should never be ‘standardised’.

On the other hand, some Tarot readers love the idea of becoming a certified Tarot reader and see it as an opportunity to build credibility and improve their skills. Now if you belong to the former clan but you’ve considered becoming a certified Tarot reader, but you’re still on the fence, this post is just for you! Our intention is to get you think as to why you would want to get certified and how it’s can turn things drastically for you.

Contemplating your own perceived need for certification is the most important step you can take. Self examination allows you to move into a decision with clarity and integrity. Here are few concerns you should meditate on:

Is your need for certification based on a sense of insecurity about your abilities?

We may be excellent at a sport but learning few tactics or gaining more knowledge from a coach about the same can make one a pro in that. Similarly passing certification can give you a sense of “I can do this” and you may find yourself moving forward with more confidence. Continuous guide and support from a person who has been in this field longer will help develop your abilities and your skills.

Do you feel certification will make you more accepted by your peers?

You don’t need to get certification to “fit in” among your peers for sure. As long as you have something to contribute to the community, you will be welcomed with open arms. But as long as the people are concerned, to the ones you are offering free reading or charging a mere sum, they could care more once you are certified!

Do you have the need to feel important or powerful?

Are you attaching too much value to fancy titles such as “grand master”? Do you like showing everyone that you are more knowledgeable than them? Do you enjoy flaunting your “powers”? If any of these examples sound like you, it’s time to drop the idea. You need to believe that tarot is beyond mastering or showcasing power. It’s to help people and help the community at large.
If you have reflected carefully on those questions and decided that certification may work for you, then you need to know the benefits of becoming a Certified Tarot Reader that will help you gain more clarity.

Learn from the ‘Experienced’

Tarot certification is an opportunity to learn from Tarot readers who you respect and resonate with, and who have decades of experience in reading and teaching Tarot. This may also mean getting certified through a trusted and well-known Tarot organisation. Plus, the credibility of the organisation or individual goes hand in hand with the credibility of your certification.

Receive Personal Validation

Many of us learn Tarot on our own, but there can often be self-doubt and worry that plays in the background. And probably it’s for the same reason, the ones we offer free reading to don’t take us that seriously. A complete training and certification program can give you an extra boost of confidence to move forward with your Tarot practice.

Build Your Credibility

Lawyers, doctors, psychologists, they are required to have some form of certification. Their qualifications bring peace of mind to patients and legitimacy to their practice. While the Tarot industry doesn’t require you to have certification to practice (it’s not a mandate), having evidence of your commitment and dedication to your Tarot reading practice goes a long way with your clients and establishes credibility.

It can be a big selling point. Tarot Certification is validation that you’ve put in the work and have received approval from a highly reputable program. And you will definitely not offer the services for FREE.

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