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How to use tarot keywords to learn tarot faster

Posted by on Aug 14, 2018 in Blog | 0 comments

How to use tarot keywords to learn tarot faster

How to use tarot keywords to learn tarot faster

The magic of tarot reading can only spread when we rely on our intuition more than the information. Yes you read that right! The thing is when we are trying to recall information, we’re using a totally different part of our brain to our intuition. All of this memorising and recall actually shuts down the intuition of a reader and he or she ends up with readings that we call ‘robotic’. Having said that, not everything can be intuition based. But we aren’t talking about mug-up here. Instead, one should try to memorise each card with few keywords. That makes things simple and leaves space for creativity and strong intuition leading to a reading that’s full of dynamic energy. And if you think it isn’t as simple as it sounds (reads). Well we would totally prove you wrong!

Get Started with Tarot Keyword Chart

Create your own chart in our simple steps:
1. Look at each card and connect with the energy of the card
2. Brainstorm 8 to 10 different keywords or phrases that come to mind when you look at the card. Take a break and put phrases and keywords again.
3. Now pick the words/phrases that you strongly feel for
4. Add those to your keyword chart

There you go! It all begins here.

Read Tarot Intuitively with Tarot Keywords

Now add the keywords with your strong intuition and you will find yourself helping a lot of your clients smoothly and most importantly on the right path. To make the most of your Tarot card keywords, here’s what you need to do.

  • Ask clear questions, shuffle the cards and lay them out. Now, tune in to your cards in front of you (before you even look at those keywords). And look for your intuition. What messages it is conveying and what do you think the cards might mean for you.
  • Now once you feel like you have explored each card, then check in with yourself – are there any gaps here? Are all the cards speaking to you, or are you feeling a little blank with one or two?
    Let’s site an example here for your better understanding. Say you asked about your new relationship and you drew the Six of Pentacles and it has you completely stumped! No worries – pull out your Tarot card keyword chart. Get a cue from there instantly.
  • Think about those keywords and how they may relate to your question or situation. Here’s where you need to be creative. It’s an opportunity for your intuition to sparkle!
  • This way the reading becomes easy and learning becomes super fun! And all this not at the cost of your intuition. You’re freeing up your intuition to really come through – and that’s exactly what we want when we read Tarot!

Some tips: 

  • Keywords are great for simplifying the learning process and helping you access your intuition during a Tarot reading. But if you only learn the keywords and ignore the rest, you’ll find yourself limited and back to square one (not advisable at all). Remember to deal with any subject (in this case your favourite) you have to go deep root.
  • Make sure you’re using Tarot keywords alongside other learning methods too. And don’t be limited to just the keywords in front of you. If your intuition is showing you something different, go with it! Isn’t it the whole idea about intuition.
  • Most importantly remember, keywords are not the end all of learning Tarot, it’s an easy guide to find a way. You will have to cover the whole mile to reach the destination. They can help you quickly access your intuition and develop your skills as a tarot reader.

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