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Hypnotherapy in the treatment of Fears and Phobias

Posted by on May 25, 2016 in Blog | 4 comments

Hypnotherapy in the treatment of Fears and  Phobias

Hypnotherapy in the treatment of Fears and Phobias

Are you afraid of going into the water?

Are you afraid of small closed spaces?

Or driving?

Do you have a fear of flying in a plane?

Do you have a fear of spiders and crawling bugs? Does height gives you chills?

If any of your answer is in affirmative, there’s a possibility that you are experiencing extreme fear or phobia. A phobia is nothing but an irrational fear of a particular stimulus. The stimulus can be a situation, a thing or an activity. It can be devastating and result in constant anxiety and panic. This anxiety and panic sends your Cortisol (natural hormone secreted in our body) levels through the roof. When this secretion becomes chronic it creates lots of negative effects inside your body. The phobia can be so harmful that it can affect you on a daily basis, can come in between the ones you love or prevent you from accomplishing goals.

Did you knew about Hypnotherapy in the treatment of Fears and Phobias?

The above mentioned fears are called irrational fears. Even though within these fears there always lies a tiny seed of a rational point of discomfort (crashing in a plane, drowning in the water, eaten by a bug, etc.), the irrational part is generally the scale of the fear that has been blown out of proportion. While mainstream therapists might recommend a number of therapies which can involve gradual ways to increase one’s exposure to the fearsome trigger so that the mind can be trained that there is nothing to be afraid of. But all this often does not work, particularly in cases where people are already facing those fears on a regular basis. In such cases, hypnotherapy is the only effective way to eliminate such fears.

Hypnotherapy in eliminating extreme Fears and Phobias

Hypnotherapy can release the fears and phobias and can help in providing permanent relief, for those of you who suffer from them, throughout history. Hypnotherapy works by discovering the underlying cause of the fears and phobias Was it a childhood memory? A news story you read once? A movie you watched? Or, a similar experience that you have heard from someone? Sometimes it can be just a small seed of an idea that can become lodged in the mind and slowly branch out over time to a full-grown phobia. In hypnotherapy, the memory is enhanced, allowing a therapist to help you exhume such a root cause of fear.

Once the root cause is found, hypnotherapists then use a variety of techniques to defuse the charge on that memory and eliminate your conditioned response to it. This actually helps the mind to file away all the information, stories or experiences into the memory banks where they belong so that they can no longer resurface through anxiety and disrupt your peace of mind. Sometimes, finding the root cause becomes a real problem. In that case, the therapists move forward with reprogramming the subconscious around the trigger. It is considered that our subconscious is there to protect us from any harm and thus disconnecting the trigger from the perceived danger can release someone from experiencing the fear.

Hypnotherapy helps you live a free life by letting you leave the old way, with all the constant distraction and fear. You do not have to dive into a pool, stand on the roof of the highest building or hold a bug to test your fear in order release it. Instead you can release your fear through therapeutic and gentle hypnotherapy.

So, if you or someone you know has a debilitating fear or phobia, then hypnotherapy can really help. If you feel that you are ready to make a commitment to yourself to live a life without any fears or phobias, you can contact us so that we can talk through it, or you can just go ahead and simply book a session.


  1. Until this date, I felt hypnotherapy is a mystic practice – may be was overwhelmed with what we see in drama series but your literature and discussion was helpful and has certainly opened a lot of hope from holistic healing & alternate therapies.

    Keep writing as I am following your blog now.

    • Hypnotherapy is very good tool to heal emotional issues, especially in todays fast paced and competitive world. We at Karma conceptz use hypnotherapy under clinical set up only for haling purposes. Thankyou Surabhi for reading our blog. We take your feedback positively

  2. Can phobias be really treated through Hypnotherapy? How many sessions are required for curing a childhood phobia?

    • Yes; phobias can very well be healed using hypnotherapy. However, it would be not be appropriate to say the number of session needed to heal it completely. It is very subjective to the intensity of the phobia and individual. Having said so, we have successfully healed phobia of closed and dark spaces in just 3 sessions.

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