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Past Life Regression and the First time Experience

Posted by on May 28, 2018 in Blog | 0 comments

Past Life Regression and the First time Experience

Past Life Regression and the First time Experience

Most of us are fully aware of the idea of reincarnation and most of us do believe that the way we express ourselves today represents a culmination of all the experiences we have had over several previous lifetimes. Now, these past life events can affect many aspects of our behavior in this lifetime – emotional, anger, depression, dissatisfaction, etc. What most may not know is that these emotional traumas that we have experienced in previous lifetimes can actually help to manifest physical and psychological ailments we experience in this lifetime. Through exploring past lives we
can often release repressed thoughts and emotions while allowing beneficial change. And we can successfully do it with Past Life Regression Therapy. The therapy heals you at all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual. And even if you aren’t suffering from symptoms, the therapy can help you enhance your current way of living by allowing yourself to reclaim or rediscover gifts, abilities, and talents from your past lives. It offers you the opportunity to view a side of you that you may not have explored before. Now whether you are attending the session out of curiosity or to enjoy the
benefits or to better your relationships, the question that may strike is – what to expect during a Past Life Regression Session? So, this post will help you get the answer.

The set-up

First thing first is how you want this session to go by. You can choose to sit up or to lie down on a comfortable couch. Then the therapist will hone in on a specific issue that's in your best interest to work on at the time. Then the therapist will craft your regression therapy experience around your desired focus. You can always come prepared with an identified issue that you would like to work on or choose to be spontaneous at the moment. Relevant issues are sure to emerge as the session begins.

Churning Your Six Senses

The next thing would be to do a simple preliminary activity that engages your senses – sight, sound, touch, taste, smell, and natural knowing or intuition. This exercise will help the therapist to assess which of your senses are strongest and how you best access information. Followed by another brief exercise which will allow you to experience how past life information may come to you during the actual regression.

Then begins relaxation

The relaxation process will help you open your mind. Thoughts, visions or feelings will come to you naturally as you wind down and as we tap into your senses and your imagination. Imagination opens the window of your subconscious leading to memories – past life and present. To get into the root of the memories, the therapist may use hypnosis. In the hypnotic state, you will always be in control of the experience. Your subconscious mind will only take you where it is safe for you to go.

Time to experience

During the process, your mind is ought to traverse various paths. You can move through time (an earthly illusion) and past lives instantly. It is not a slow or difficult process, and it may appear no different from remembering events that occurred in this life. The entire process will help you access blocked memories or information using an affect bridge – which is a technique that links strong emotions to occurrences in this life or past lives and allows them to rise to the surface. When entering a regression experience, information will come in ways that are particular/unique to you –
sight, sound, smell, touch/feel, taste, intuitive/knowing.

Your role and the therapist’s

Well, your job is simple. You have to feel comfortable and allow the experience, be open to information and report the way it’s happening. Whereas your therapist role is to simply function as a therapeutic guide on your journey. The therapist will ask you questions and help you find links between the past and present. You will be guided throughout keeping you on course. Your therapist will act as a guide to draw out your experiences and provide context.

The outcome

The therapy works to uncover, in prior lives, the basis for your greatest struggles or pains in your current life (or gifts and special abilities). It will help you find the root (one of the lives where these issues originated), the process of re-experiencing the events in that original lifetime can become a life-altering experience. This often makes it very clear where your issues originated and make it easy to separate from them and change. This, combined with the wisdom that comes from the Life Review at the end of the session, and the awareness that often surfaces post the therapy, is often enough to free a person from their past, enabling them to make changes in their current life, and leaving you with a sense of peace.

So, if you have thought of joining a session, please contact us for additional information or to
schedule your regression.

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