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Past Life Regression Profiling

Posted by on Dec 22, 2016 in Blog | 2 comments

Past Life Regression Profiling

Past Life Regression Profiling

There is a lot of curiosity around Past Life Regression. Apart from the healers and counselors, for a common man problems related to past life regression are either a taboo or come with social stigma.

Has it ever occurred to you that you felt fear for heights or when you see a huge water body. A strange awkward fear when you look into the eyes of a stranger or a love for darkness etc. If yes, the answers to these strange feelings can be lying in your past lives, and with right help you can get over these fears and strange feelings.

Past Life Regression happens through Past Life Regression Profiling. It is believed that a past life profile tells the cause and how deeply it had effected the life problem and whether it was physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Mentioned below are the 8 signs which can signal a serious past life problem, if you feel that more than three of these problems are really causing adversity in your life, you can consider a past life counseling for solutions.

  1. Some Ancient Familiar Feelings

World over Doctors and therapists believe that one of the most common signs of past life is a feeling of being familiar with some places, circumstances etc. When you feel as you have visited a place previously.

When you feel uncomfortable as in anxiety, nervousness or fear in some particular place whenever you visit. And the feeling disappears as you leave the place. Many a times it is been observed that the anxiety or uneasiness happens because some past life events are stemmed in that place.

  1. Inappropriate Fears

There is nothing wrong in being fearful. A fear till the time is not imposing any threat or danger in the real life is not considered harmful or dangerous.

Common Past Life fears include fears that lead to a dangerously negative feeling. Fear of sickness that you will fall ill and die a painful death. Fear of being harmed or killed, fear of heights that you will have a fall and injure yourself or die etc are considered chronic fears and many a times were found associated with a past life trauma.

  1. Chronic Illness or Pain

If you have been visiting doctors for curing an illness or pain and all the time they as well the medical diagnosis does not lead to anything concrete –it could be a past life trauma. Often it is being observed that past life problems are resistant to present day cures. The problem is related to past, then past life treatment can only produce desired results.

  1. Recurring Nightmares

This is right that dreams are manifestations of our personality and sometimes circumstances.

But if you experience recurring dreams and you see people in dreams dressed in some particular attire or clothes- they could likely be from your past life. Sometimes these nightmares lead to fear and negativity which is mostly associated with past life traumas, that could be you or your family suffering something in the past lives.

These could be some of the basic reasons which are considered as symptoms of problems associated with past life. Sometimes even suicidal attempts, schizophrenia etc are also associated as past life problems.

But the happy news is this that all the above listed problems have a treatment and can be cured through past life healing.  The body and soul needs a detox and regular cleansing helps in releasing all accumulated toxins from present as well as past through Past Life Regression.

Neeraj Singh
Past life Regression Profilling


  1. Hello Lakshmi,

    As a fellow therapist, I will totally agree with your the signs that you listed. I would like to add here one more thing :repetition or specific patterns concerning relationships and connection with other people. For example, there are people who choose as a partner someone with the same behavior of the person on their previous relationship. Another example is those individuals who reject authority and have troubles finding a job because of that. No matter what the issue is though, past life regression is a fantastic healing method to help everyone overcome issues that stem from previous lifetimes.


    • Hello Dear Zaria,

      I am happy you liked the post. Yes your example also very relevant and mostly true in many cases. Do keep reading our blogs. you may also want to check our facebook page.

      Love and Light, always

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