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Past Life Regression – Real or Imagination

Posted by on Aug 21, 2018 in Blog | 0 comments

Past Life Regression – Real or Imagination

Past Life Regression – Real or Imagination

Now whoever is reading this post must be having an idea about Past Life Regression. For those who don’t, Past Life Regression is a technique or phenomenon of sort that uses hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives or incarnations.

In short it’s a like visit to the experiences one had in previous life. Some may take it as a form of therapy while some as a research tool while others may just find it amusing to experience. It’s still in a ‘real or imagination’ zone for many but those who believe put this technique to good use.

Proof of Past Life Regression

Practice is a good proof. People who practices this therapy often use facts they learn from the sessions to validate and proof their claims. There are hundreds of books and stories written about how Past Life Regression has been achieved through hypnosis.

Past life regressions can be a litigious topic among practitioners of psychology. The evidence and accounts are overwhelming, but there is debate as to what they really are. Of course, one side believes they are real memories of past life, but other professionals believe they could be anything from fantasies, to archetypical allegories.

Past Life Regression therapy

Practitioners believe that past life events can affect many aspects of our behaviour in this lifetime–emotional, anger, depression, dissatisfaction, etc. What most may not know is that these emotional traumas that we have experienced in previous lifetimes can actually help to manifest physical and psychological ailments we experience in this lifetime. Through exploring past lives we can often release repressed thoughts and emotions while allowing beneficial change. And we can successfully do it with Past Life Regression Therapy.

What is often misunderstood about Past Life Regression is that a lot of hypnotherapy practitioners who use it to just visit the client’s past life. There’s more to it.
The therapy heals you at all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual. And even if you aren’t suffering from symptoms, the therapy can help you enhance your current way of living by allowing yourself to reclaim or rediscover gifts, abilities and talents from your past lives. It offers you the opportunity to view a side of you that you may not have explored before.

The past life that has been accessed, even when it seems to contain something that accounts for the client’s symptom pattern and helps to release them from it, may not necessarily have ever been a reality.

How can one be assured about the whole ‘Past Life’

For those who haven’t had vivid memories of their past lives there are a few characteristics that might be clues to whether you may have been reincarnated. Some can be as blatant as a strange birth mark or strange affinity towards a certain place, but others are a little subtler.
The following are a list of feelings, experiences, or traits that some associate with reincarnation and past lives…

– Out of place memories
– Feeling older than your age
– The feeling like you were born into the wrong decade or era
– The fascination with foreign countries and foreign language comes easier to you
– Having vivid dreams of being in a different place or different time period
– Having inexplicable fears or phobias that could be linked to past life trauma

Notice the emotions you feel – if they are strong (sometimes very strong if it is a death scene or another emotional scene) you may have gotten to a past life memory.
People’s beliefs about past lives can bring up very deep emotional issues and experiences for them and for this reason it is best handled by a professional hypnotherapist with experience in these matters, even if it is just for your own fun experience.

The whole made-up tales or it feels like imagination, it all comes from you and can be beneficial and healing to you. Healing is the point of a past life regression, so if you think it is imagination and you healed from the experience, then why not get benefited from it!

So, if you have thought of joining a session, please contact us for additional information or to schedule your regression.

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