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Past Life Regression In Mumbai

Posted by on Dec 12, 2018 in Blog | 0 comments

Past Life Regression In Mumbai

Past Life Regression In Mumbai

All you need to know about Past life regression therapy.

You might be wondering sometimes how a person you met for the first time so easily befriends you or why you have certain unexplained phobias. Besides you might also be wondering what is the real purpose of your life? All these questions have some or the other connection with your past and can be resolved on a deeper introspection. This therapy is precisely known as the Past Life Regression Therapy.

What exactly is Past Life Regression Therapy?

Past Life Regression therapy is a therapy based on the philosophy that we all are eternal souls who carry forward the experiences and the learnings from one lifetime to another for ultimate development of the soul. Many times the traumas and issues from our past are reactivated in our present life which make us react to a situation in a manner which might be counter-productive. However, its root cause lies in the events of the past. The Past Life Regression Therapy is based on the philosophy that we are all eternal souls that just change the body and carry with it the experiences from one life to another. Through Past Life Regression Therapy, one can re-experience the events of the past life and thereby be brought closure to the past experiences. With this one can move forward in the present
life freely, relieved from the clutches of the past.

Why should one do Past Life Regression Therapy?

Most of us here might have experienced at some point of time in life that we are meeting someone for the first time but become very comfortable with the feeling that we know each other since a lifetime. Similarly many times we experience that we develop an unknown dislike for someone without he or she caused any harm to us. The reason behind this unknown like or dislike is the connection with the past. The Past Life Regression Therapy helps us find answers to such feelings and thereby help us in finding a solution for the same.

Benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy.

The following are some of the benefits of past life regression therapy which will explain why one should undergo the same.

  • Attaining solution to the troubling behaviour which is consistent from the past and unable to control despite sincere efforts.
  • Finding the reason behind the phobias such as water or height which have no connection or experience in the present life.
  • Treating some chronic physical pain or ailments.
  • Besides, one can even access the accomplishments and strengths of the previous lives and use them in the current life to increase confidence as well as effectiveness in the present life.
  • Having a clarity on the direction and purpose of this lifetime by viewing a blueprint of the same.
  • Finding the current loved ones in the prior lifetime thereby bringing a sense of relief and peace that we are never parted from our beloved.
  • Having a clarity on the spiritual nature of our existence.

How is the Past Life Regression Therapy conducted?

In the Past Life Regression Therapy, a person is guided through the state of deep relaxation and thereby accessing the memories of the original activating event. By bringing those memories into a constant awareness state, the emotional blockages and energy that is keeping us stuck can be diffused thereby leading us to a state of mental peace and harmony.

Thus the Past Life Regression Therapy enables a person to understand the deeper purpose of his current life and guides him to live in the direction to fulfil the same.

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