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Power of SubConscious Mind Basic Tips

Posted by on Nov 2, 2016 in Blog | 2 comments

Power of SubConscious Mind Basic Tips

Power of SubConscious Mind Basic Tips

Did you know that the most interesting thing about the subconscious mind is that, it is always ‘on’. It really doesn’t matter what activity you are doing or which part of a typical 24 hour cycle you are into. The power of subconscious mind is such that it is always active and controls your body.

The subconscious mind works silently and that is why it is called an inner process. It works when you are not even aware and that is why it becomes significant to take care of the sub-conscious mind. The values like faith, trust, belief are the considered as the founding traits of subconscious mind.

You must have always been hearing, “what you believe is what you get”, “if you believe you receive” etc. Whether it is the success stories of industrialists, business tycoons, the divine interface of saints etc., it is all a matter of belief & trust. The body & soul is nourished by the mindsets and that is the power of sub conscious mind.

The sub-conscious mind is so powerful that is knows the answers, the preferences to various questions and not just knowing it also can solve many problems. It is being proven that if a person practices through meditation and refers a specific request to the sub-conscious mind before going to bed, s/he will also see a miraculous power in action.

If our subconscious mind is carrying or capturing any thoughts or concerns, it will directly affect us in the form of emotions, circumstances and events.

To practice the sub-conscious mind power, we need to train our mind. At Karma Conceptz we have workshops on the power of sub-conscious minds which are actually done to train the urbane population of jet age for success and work life balance.

Basics on the Power of Sub-Conscious Mind:

1. Stop Self-Doubting
2. Think Positive
3. Change your approach
4. Change yourself before others
5. Break out your old habits
6. Welcome New Ideas and New ways of thinking
7. Relook at your hobbies & leisure activities
8. Re-align your energies
9. Work towards your goals
10. Feel the change and embrace it

The first and foremost thing in a subconscious mind is to alter the conscious mind. This should begin with the no self-doubting mode. One must stop self-doubting and think positive. The approach shall be changed if something is not clicking.

Another small step to increase the power of subconscious mind is that – we need to change our thinking to change others. All positive changes must start with self. We need to break our old habits and tune ourselves and our body for better tomorrow and to do this – we need to start today.

Indulge yourself in hobbies and recreational activities to realign your energies and to work towards your goals. This way you will feel the change and will be in a better position to embrace the power of subconscious mind.

Check out our holistic healing workshop section to join a workshop on Power of Sub-Conscious Mind.


  1. Ah! I feel like this was written for me…sometimes things just come at the right time. But I believe talking to an expert would help me further in this case. I did checked your workshop details but I am in Australia – can we anyways have an online session to discuss?

    Please suggest.


    • Dear Jen,

      We are happy you liked the post. Yes you can definitely have a session online. Infact, many of our clients in canada and UK, prefer online session for any counselling or tarot reading. You can call or whatsapp on +91 9930010740 or email us at for appointments.

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