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Singing Soulz

Posted by on Apr 8, 2016 in Blog | 0 comments

Singing Soulz

Singing Soulz

Singing Soulz offers guided meditation. It is not a service or a product but a means to take every listener through an inner journey with a specific purpose, such as healing or to reduce stress. It is a tool which takes every listener into their own quiet space which in turn brings holistic well-being. These are well-crafted meditative tracks which are skillfully narrated and soothingly composed. All guided meditations scripts are carefully written and edited by individuals, who know healing, which makes every meditation more effective. Audio tracks are enthralling to every listener and instil a sense of deep relaxation, healing and well-being.

The background music in each track is specifically composed and designed to suit the narration, purpose and feel of every guided meditation track. Each track is uniquely arranged and customised to amplify the effect of deep relaxation. All the ingredients in a guided meditation program are important: Concept, writing, narration, pacing and background music. A great deal of care is taken at every step. Putting in the time to get everything right makes a huge difference. It is divided into 5 sections namely Anger Management, Deep Sleep, Positive Thinking, Stress Management and Wonderful Birthing.

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