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Tarot Reading Certificate Workshop

Tarot Reading Certificate Workshop
Become a holistic healer by learning to heal through Tarot Cards

Module Covers: Learning the Basics and Practicing Tarot Reading with your trainer. Certificates will be given on successful completion of module.

Karma Conceptz brings to you a slightly different workshop for Tarot Reading, its history and existence. Our tarot expert will take your through divine interpretations and through this we aim to train the participants as tarot readers by helping them in learning a full tarot deck.

Workshop Module:

Day 1: May 24th, 2019
Level 1

Rider Waite Tarot cards

  • History of Tarot cards, origin and introduction.
  • How tarot reading works.
  • Time period calculation by cards.
  • Meaning of Major arcana (22 cards)-detailed study. Pictorial representation, divinatory meanings and effects in a reading.
  • Minor arcana (56 cards)-detailed study. Pictorial representation, divinatory meanings and effects in a reading.

Basic spreads and shuffling.

  • Study of colours, code languages, symbols, signs and their significance in Tarot Reading.
  • How to prepare for reading/ Preparation of Altar.
  • Cleansing of Tarot Deck/Room/ place where reading is conducted.
  • Meditation with Tarot Cards.
  • Charging of Tarot cards.
  • How to use one’s Intuition and Psychic powers.
  • Switchwords
  • Casestudies
  • How to maintain a Tarot Journal and much more…

Add Ons:

  • Tarot Deck
  • Lunch/tea/snacks
  • Certificate
  • Tarot Manual

Day 2 : May 25th, 2019
Level 2

Eligibility: After you complete level 1 course you are eligible for the next level.

  • Introduction to Osho Zen Tarot deck and in depth gexplanation of the cards.
  • Different types of Personalised Advance Spreads (Layouts).
  • How to interpret cards according to Advance Methods.
  • How to interpret Complex Spreads according to Advance Methods.
  • Tarot treatment & Solutions.
  • Traveling inside the cards.
  • Having conversation with card energies.
  • Connecting Tarot with Pet Talk.
  • Experiencing Tarot Energies.

Few extra perks… Get a sneak peak of:

  • Angel Card Reading
  • Life purpose oracle cards
  • God’s and Goddesses spread
  • Akashic Tarot
  • Channelled Sai Baba’s messages

Add Ons:

  • Osho Zen Tarot Deck
  • Certificate
  • Lunch/Tea/ Snacks

Please check the following:

Facilitator – Lakshmi Sreenivasan, an entrepreneur at present and a trainer from the past – but a holistic healer forever. Lakshmi is a clinical hypnotherapist and is currently pursuing a career in Mental Health & Wellness, for last 11 years she is been an L & D professional. Karma Conceptzis her ultimate goal of life, Lakshmi is practicing past life regression and alternative therapies, tarot card reading etc., for last 8 years.

Date – The course will take place 2 days. The sessions will be conducted on May 24th-25th 2019, (10am – 5 pm).

For more details, please email us on or call: +91-9930010740.