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How to train the sub-conscious mind

Posted by on Jul 12, 2017 in Blog | 0 comments

How to train the sub-conscious mind

How to train the sub-conscious mind

“If a man devotes himself to the instructions of his own unconscious, it can bestow this gift [of renewal], so that suddenly life, which has been stale and dull, turns into a rich unending inner adventure, full of creative possibilities.” 

  • Marie-Louise von Franz

Breathe in, Breathe Out. If you pause for a moment & try to control your breathing for a minute – your conscious mind will take over the process while you do so.However, when you loosen your concentration and get disrupted by instant thoughts – it is your subconscious mind that tends to take over again!

What is the subconscious mind?

The subconscious mind is like a chamber inside the brain that compiles of all individualistic experiences, instances, memories from the past, previous life visions, your circumstances, situations etc. and controls what happens around you. It is often referred to as autopilot. This part of the mind – unlike the conscious mind –is at the helm for initiating and triggering sudden emotions that dawn upon you whilst facing an entirely foreign situation. From fear and anxiety to butterflies in your stomach, it is all driven by the subconscious mind.

Studies have concluded that the information reserved and hoarded in the subconscious mind is functionally gathered as a program unit, where your entire mind can be termed as a computer and the transferable information is the software, driving around and running automatically whenever required.

Primary Aphorisms of the Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind constitutes of certain inbuilt mechanisms that defends it against sudden emotional tremors, shocks and wounds, termed as unconscious or ego defense mechanisms.

Following are thoroughly plotted and constructed rules of the Sub-Conscious Mind which will help you understand its functioning and help empower control;

Why we should try to train the sub-conscious mind

  1. Predictable Response

The subconscious mind is habitual of responding in an instinct manner – following certain, individualistic patterns that deepen and form furthermore habits which become difficult to change / control and causes addiction as well.

  1. Easily Influenced

The subconscious part of your mind is not capable of sensing the difference between sheer imagination and physical reality. Studies have proven how the subconscious mind is a bondservant to an individual. It is naturally programmed to retrieve orders, our conscious mind eyeing and invigilating these implemented orders.

  1. Filters Negativity

This part of the mind emits and stands no negative energy. For instance – if you think about yourself not gaining weight, the subconscious mind hears it as you gaining weight – which is why it is always advised to mould your negative thoughts to positive ones.

  1. Efficient Revision & Determination

The subconcious mind is automated by repetition, ascendancy, authorization and affection. One should always be willful, determined & headstrong.

  1. Repression & Escapism

It simmers down unresolved issues and memories within and forms circumstances in your life in accordance to these negative emotions eventually. Henceforth, it is always advised to own up feelings and let go of them – like in times of guilt, anxiety, resentment, insecurity, depression & anger.

  1. Reflective Motions

The subconscious tends to self-judge. This means that if you end up forming an individualistic judgment about a particular person, your subconscious projects the same thoughts from your perspective to your own self.

  1. The Value of Present

The subconscious mind believes in whole and sole awareness of only the present. It does not possess any information and knowledge of the future. All stored experiences are the ones you have encountered in your existence. It helps you be aware of how your past (life & experiences) affect you now and offers an opening to improve, amend & heal.

So, how can you gain sole control over your subconscious mind? The following steps can help you in training the subconscious mind.

  • Filter your thoughts and decisions wisely. Remind yourself of what your goals are – repeatedly.
  • Be confident of your beliefs and practice precise & specific visualization.
  • Learn to be headstrong enough to shun the thoughts that lead you to pessimism and negativity.
  • Resolve each and every emotional problem that comes your way. Do not escape and delay it.
  • Involve yourself into meditation and other activities that help you divert your mind to more positivity.
  • Engross your brain into various exercises to keep it consistently efficient and intellectually active and prompt.

Henceforth, as an individual you it is amusing and wise to gain control over your subconscious mind because it exceptionally controls and constructs the instances in your life. For example, if your subconscious mind accepts a certain idea, it begins on executing it. This is because the subconscious mind is about 30,000 times more powerful than your subconscious mind and can help you architect the events of your life with your own thoughts.

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